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For athletes and sporting enthusiasts, we offer a complete range of lower limb services. At Foot Focus we pride ourselves on our experience and the comprehensive approach to assessing an individual’s needs. As Sports Podiatrists we assess foot function and the effect this has on the lower limb performance and efficiency. We use this information to identify the cause of an injury or as a predictor to a possible future injuries.

Why Us?

Although our clinics cover all aspects of podiatry, we have a special interest in sport and exercise related injuries. Whether it be to run faster, jump higher or simply to achieve your personal goals, we can customise a treatment program to meet your individual needs. Our multifaceted approach to treatment may involve footwear advice, strapping, prescription foot orthotics or innersoles, stretching and strengthening programs or techniques to improve your walking and running. Our clinics utilize the most up to date technology including treadmill analysis and digital video analysing.
Our experience in treating elite athletes is also available for the weekend warrior or general fitness enthusiast.

Sports Podiatry Can Help With:

  • Improving running and walking
  • Help to overcome injury
  • Injury Prevention
  • Orthotic Prescription
  • Shoe Selection

Foot Focus is your expert in Sports Podiatry.

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