Choosing the correct shoes for your foot type can be a daunting task as there are hundreds of styles and brands to choose from.  The following is a guide to assist you in choosing the correct shoes. 

  • Identify the purpose of the shoes. What will your new shoes be used for?  Are there any requirements that have to be met with the footwear i.e. leather upper, safety footwear or does it have to be a certain colour.
  • Have your feet measured and get professionally fitted – it is important when choosing new footwear that you get correctly fitted.  Have your feet measured whilst wearing the sock or stockings you will be using with the footwear.  Different brands, models and styles of shoes fit differently.  It is generally recommended to have shoes fitted at the end of the day to allow for any swelling in the feet.
  • Find out your foot type – Have your foot type assessed by a trained sales associate or a Podiatrist with a background in footwear technology.  Different foot types suite different shoes.
  • Try on your new shoes.  It is important that you try on BOTH your new shoes in the store to make sure they fit comfortably.  Shoes should be comfortable immediately and you should not have to wear them in over a period of time.
  • Examine the shoe itself – Your new shoe’s should have firm heel counter (Stiff material on either side of the heel), be flexible at the toes and NOT the middle of the shoe and have adequate shock absorption.

Our experienced Podiatrists at Foot Focus have an extensive knowledge about all types of footwear and can assist you in selecting which shoes would be the best fit for your feet.  Contact one of our clinics to make an appointment for a footwear assessment.    

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