Diabetes is a serious complex medical condition which can affect the entire body.  The three main types of diabetes are type 1 (failure of insulin production), type 2 (cells are resistant to insulin) and gestational diabetes which occurs in pregnancy.

Diabetes is one of the main causes of lower limb amputation and good foot care can reduce the likelihood of lower limb complications.

The main foot complications associates with diabetes are:

  • Reduced circulation to the feet:  Diabetes can cause a reduction in the amount of blood flow reaching your feet.  This increases your risk of small cuts to abrasions not healing.
  • Peripheral Neuropathy: Diabetes can affect the nerves in your feet and can result in a reduction in feeling and sensation. This reduction in sensation increases your risk of complications because you do not feel any injury’s to your feet or toes.   Neuropathy can also present as nerve pain that can worsen with time.

As a diabetic it is important to check your Feet daily.  When checking your feet you are looking for any changes or specific complication including ulcerations, ingrown nails, cuts and abrasions, redness, blisters or unusual swelling.

At foot Focus we can perform a comprehensive diabetic foot screening to assess and diagnose any diabetic foot complications.  Your diabetic assessment will consist of:

  • General podiatric assessment
  • Comprehensive vascular assessment (including Doppler ultrasound)
  • Comprehensive neurological screening
  • Joint and muscle testing

Your Podiatrist will discuss you results with you and assign you a risk status.  It is recommended that you have a foot check-up at least once a year but more frequently if required.

A detailed report will compiled and forwarded to your general practitioner and endocrinologist.

To book an appointment please contact one of our clinics.

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