With the new school year fast approaching parents are busy getting everything ready for the upcoming school year. In this post we are going to give you all the information you need to put your children in the right footwear and get them putting their best foot forward.

Children spend upwards of 6 hours a day, 4-5 days a week in their school shoes so it’s important that they have shoes that are supportive, comfortable and fit correctly. Poorly fitted school shoes can result in pain, discomfort and long term complications.

When purchasing new school shoes you should consider the following tips:

  • Correct fitting – Children feet grow on average 1-2 sizers per year so it is important to have their feet measured when getting new shoes. When measuring the feet you child should be standing as the foot elongates with weight bearing and they should have their school socks on to ensure a proper fit.
  • Materials – school shoes should be made from a quality breathable material such as leather. Shoes should also have a quality shock absorbing mid-sole to allow kids to be active all day.
  • A firm heel counter – school shoes should have a strong deep heel counter with firm support on either side of the heel. The heel counter increases support of the shoe. The heel counter should not compress under moderate pressure.
  • Flexibility – school shoes should bend and flex but only at the ball of the foot to allow for easy propulsion and movement. Shoes should not flex at the mid-point of the shoe or be too rigid.
  • Appropriate fastening mechanisms – school shoes should always have a fastening mechanisms such as laces or Velcro to hold the foot firmly in the shoes. Slip on footwear should be avoided.

By following these guidelines you have the knowledge to assist in putting your children into the best quality shoes for their feet.

If your children are experiencing pain or discomfort in their feet or lower limbs it is recommended that they get assessed by one of our experienced podiatrists. We can assess and diagnose any problems with your child’s feet and implement an appropriate plan for getting them back to optimal health.

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